Go to Warped Tour

In case you were wondering, before you start reading this, yes, each time I mention a band name, I linked to a youtube video of a song. I tried to make each one a different song. I had way too much fun doing that. And no, it’s not necessarily the song they’re known for as much as just my favorites.

So Warped Tour, from what I’ve picked up, is kind of one of those things where you either love it or you just can’t wrap your mind around why someone would go. I happen to be one of those people who think Warped Tour is like the highlight of the whole summer. So yeah. My parents finally let me go for the first time last summer and it was awesome and this year was SO hot and EVERYTHING I wanted to do/see was at the same time as something else I wanted to do or see but it was just as awesome as last year.

The day of Warped Tour, they were saying highs of like 98 plus the heat index would make it at least 105 for most of the day. Plus the fact that we were going to be standing on asphalt all day would make it even hotter. Fantastic. The day after we went, the high was 88. I was not a happy camper.

In case you don’t know how it works, there’s like 5-7 stages and while the stage a band plays doesn’t really change, their set times get picked out of a hat every morning before gates open. And the day we went, it just so happened that You Me At Six and blessthefall were playing AT THE SAME TIME so I was definitely heartbroken.

This is Chris, Dan, and Josh from You Me At Six. They’re awesome live and also they have amazing accents.

And we walked around and wrote down everyone else’s set times and signing times and stalked out all the stages we needed to be at and then it was 11:40 so after some prioritizing/agonizing we went for You Me At Six. At this point it’s already 98 degrees and I’m probably already dehydrated because I didn’t drink anything for breakfast and I’m sweating so bad and I’m in the middle of this giant sweaty mass of people and You Me At Six only had one song left but I finally just couldn’t even see straight so I sort of staggered out of the crowd, walked into my friend, then staggered to the ampitheatre (shaded AND seats!) after spending a good 5 minutes just standing under the misters they had set up.

Warped Tour survival tip #1: Drink water. Lots of it. Before you go and while you’re there. Or you’ll miss not one, but two of your favorite bands if you’re lucky, and ALL of them if you aren’t because you’ll be in the medic tent/hospital all day.

So we get to the ampitheatre (it was covered and there were seats haha) blessthefall’s still playing and I still can’t see straight, can barely walk straight, feel like I’m going to puke, and we walk in and Beau goes, “THIS NEXT SONG IS CALLED HEY BABY, HERE’S THAT SONG YOU WANTED.” And you guys, this is seriously one of my favorite songs ever so I RAN for it and I was trying to film it, sing along, and drink my water bottle at the same time and  it didn’t work well and the lovely autofocus on my camera was more broken than usual so the video isn’t even in focus, but guys I saw blessthefall. I didn’t cross it off my list though because my thing is I didn’t see the whole set and that was kind of my rule.


After them, we went and did another lap just to check out all the tents again and see what time blessthefall was signing because they didn’t have it posted the first time we walked around, and it ended up being just Beau signing at 4. I brought my list with because I was hoping I could not only get a picture of him hugging me, but get him to cross it off for me as well. So then we refilled our water bottles and were looking at our schedule and trying to put everything in order so we didn’t miss anything…Mayday Parade and You Me At Six are both signing at 2. Mayday Parade’s playing the same time Beau Bokan’s signing. Breathe Carolina & the band Kristen really wanted to see are playing at the same time.

So I don’t remember what we did then but at 1:40 we were like, “Well, let’s go get in line for You Me At Six, because they’re from England and they’re here less often and we’ll just get in line for Mayday Parade’s after since the tents are right next to each other.” Anyway we waited for like 45 minutes  and OH MY GOD THEY SAID HI TO ME and I pretty much was like, “Thank you,” and stared at the table/Max’s shirt because I was too awkward to make eye contact haha. Then Mayday Parade’s line was still ridiculous and neither of us wanted to stand in it so we went to get lunch and go see Breathe Carolina.

I didn’t really want to leave after Breathe Carolina ended because it was so hot but I HAD to go see Mayday Parade since I didn’t get to see a full set from either of the other 2/3 bands I was here for.

To make a long story short, Mayday Parade was fantastic. Somehow every time the crowd/I moved, I ended up behind a guy who was exactly a head taller than me so I mostly heard Mayday Parade live rather than saw them until the last song and a half. But they were amazing. Definitely worth missing Beau Bokan’s signing for.

Mayday Parade!!!!

So then I went back to the ampitheatre for All Time Low and they were awesome and Jack’s hysterical and none of the pictures I tried to take turned out because my stupid camera and we were SO far back so I’m kind of upset.  After All Time Low we went to go see Yellowcard and on the way there I walked into Travis Clark from We The Kings, like literally WALKED INTO him and I didn’t even say anything other than like, “Oh sorry.”  It was awful haha.

I’m really hoping my mom will let me go up to Milwaukee for Warped Tour up there too, then hopefully I can find Beau and cross that off and see blessthefall and actually see Mayday Parade for their whole set instead of just listening to them, and I mean, what are the odds of them all getting scheduled for the same time again? Like, zero.

So hopefully that works out, but until then..


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