Go to Sonic

Okay, so I’ve been to Sonic before, but not for a reallllllllllllllllllllly long time. And from what I remembered, it was really fun. I’m pretty sure everyone’s been there before and knows what it is, but in case I’m wrong, basically it’s a restaurant where you drive up and order on these little speakers in your car and then the servers come out on roller skates and serve you and you sit in your car and eat.

It’s a lot more fun than it sounds in that little paragraph haha.

So when we went, my mom had the Cruze that I usually take everywhere because she takes it back and forth to work, and my dad had his truck (which is fine because I HATE driving it haha) so I got stuck with the Tahoe, so anyway I can’t back that thing up to save my life, especially when there’s poles and signs and stuff on both sides..I hate it lol. Anyway, to get to the point, we ended up parking in their little baby parking lot and we were like, “Okay we’ll order and eat in the car.”

And we got the door halfway opened before Megan goes, “Guys…It says employees open.” So we ended up standing on their patio for like 10 minutes trying to figure out why they had picnic tables and nowhere to order before my brother pointed out the little order thingy and then we spent another 10 minutes trying to figure out what we wanted…They’re probably still talking about us. I don’t even want to think about it haha.

This is the menu and the Scary Red Order Box.

After all of us finally figured out what we wanted, we spent about 5 minutes going, “YOU hit the red button first! NO YOU DO IT! YOU FIRST! NO YOU! YOU HIT IT! I’M GOING TO HIT IT AND MAKE YOU ORDER! JUST DO IT!” And I ended up ordering first and everyone made it out alive haha.

Here’s Randi panicking after hitting the red button

It was such an adventure. I mean, every time Randi and I go anywhere together it turns into this ridiculous unbelievable adventure, but we thought if Tim and Megan came with it wouldn’t be and um..We were wrong haha.

This is my cheeseburger, in case you were wondering. It was awesome, for the record.

And the food was really good and the shakes were awesome and I want to go back and actually sit in the car instead of at the picnic tables..But I figured since 3 of the 4 of us had to be at work later none of us really wanted to deal with, “So you’re telling me you tried to back up the Tahoe and instead ended up knocking down the entire restaurant?”

So maybe there’ll be a part two and maybe not,  I just found out I have to be at school 3 days earlier than we had planned so I have even less summer left than I thought :/


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